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Happy Anniversary, GrowthHive!

As we reflect on our 6 year anniversary, we explain our journey to current day and what strategies helped us along the way.

From a global pandemic to a name change and everything in-between, GrowthHive has a story worth sharing.

LEVY INDUSTRIAL 2017 FINAL LOGOHere’s the story behind the scenes: We acquired the assets of Levy Industrial (Marketers for Industry) in June 2018. The plan was to gradually pivot and grow from advertising placement, print marketing and basic website designs into “digital inbound marketing”.

Well, the first year was essentially a re-boot. A large fraction of our customers signed in right away. We had to ramp up a lot faster than we planned for.

7J6A9181And then the unexpected challenge of the COVID pandemic arose. Many of our large corporate accounts made the decision to pause their activities. However, in a similar vein, smaller corporations and divisions followed suit. Despite this setback, we made a strategic choice to persevere, utilizing the support of the Payroll Protection Plan and other investments to weather the storm. It was during this challenging period that the seed of GrowthHive was born.

We launched first as a product and then changed the name of the company when all the paperwork was filed and approved. What a journey!

We expanded from our core in marketing to become a business development agency. Our PLAN, ACT, WIN, strategies have helped us make our mark, and they can help you too. 

Start with a PLAN:

GH_WINOur branding/positioning and market mapping sessions have helped dozens of customers to find their voice in an increasingly crowded universe. Some have decided to specialize in something (and succeeded), others decided to hedge their bets and created sweet spots for them and their clients. Almost all made tough choices to abandon or “price out” non-core products or services. 


Create buzz with ACT:

GH_ActOur packages are based upon years of experience. The first thing we do is simple: Connect with your customers and prospects, regularly, with e-news, social, blogs, videos… Simple idea: It’s easier to grow existing relationships than create new ones… From our experience, it can take 6 to 9 months to master that.

Once we get the initial returns we’re looking for (3X ROMI), we re-invest these early wins, into Expand and Amplify. Our aim is to reach new prospects within current customers (ABM) or within new companies within the segments we prioritized (Lead Gen) through the use of proven methods. We usually get to 9X ROMI within 18-24 months.

 At many of customers, we see reports like these: Our contacts lists has grown 2X…, forms submissions (RFQ) have grown 40%, website sessions have grown 60%, social interactions have doubled… All of these is based upon ACT with a PLAN.

Let's WIN:

GH_WinDuring and post COVID, many customers realized they had a steady stream of “leads” through ACT with a PLAN but results, a.k.a. conversions were less stellar. We discovered a few "new normal" behaviors through the data and had to go backward a few steps to realize that WIN needed a different approach than the one we had prior to COVID.

For example, CRM is great… if you use it to your advantage. Most of my discovery was that “we have a CRM”, but engagement was low and it was primarily used to “report on stuff”. Sales teams were not embracing the “forward looking” potential of CRM.

We added CRM training, support, templates, corporate sales pitches, and more for sales to WIN. At some clients, our conversion rates (RFQ>Win) has almost doubled in the past 2 years.

There's much more to our work at GH than just marketing. We take pride in knowing that our impact extends far beyond that realm, shaping businesses and driving success in ways that go beyond the expected.

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