8 Fun (and Quality) Movies & Shows for Marketers to Enjoy

Top 8 Movies about Sales and Marketing. Check out our picks for the best movies and tv shows about modern marketing.

With summer in full swing, temperatures through the roof, and limited ability to socialize outside even if you want to brave the heat, it's the perfect time to settle down with your favorite streaming platform and have some indoor fun. 

LEVY has put together our list of favorite movies and TV shows that feature sales and marketing (the good, the bad and, sometimes, the ugly). Check out some of our picks below and let us know what we missed in the comments. 

1. Helvetica



Forgive us for starting off with a documentary, but we're all about fonts and design here at LEVY. This takes an in depth look at just how pervasive the font Helvetica is in our society--and why. 

2. Jobs



We're all familiar with Apple products, but how much time do you spend considering how they're marketed to you--now and at the start. This movie takes a fun look at the theory behind how Apple went to market differently from the very beginning.

3. Moneyball



You know we love data here at LEVY (#makeyourmarketingcount). Moneyball is all about avoiding the hype and noise and making the best choices based on the data you have available. This true story shows how an analytical mind on a small budget can still make big profits.

4. Thank You for Smoking



This movie has a little bit of everything--classic advertising, congressional hearings, ethical dilemmas, Rob Lowe and JK Simmons. What happens when you have to promote a product opposed by the masses? Watch and find out. 

5. Mad Men



This list wouldn't be complete without THE most iconic entry into marketing media of the last 20+ years. The crew at Sterling Cooper are a lot more raucous than the average marketing team (we hope--please be safe!), but they cook up some compelling campaigns over the years. Check out the clip above for just one great example. 

6. What Women Want



Classic marketing story: man gets shocked by a hairdryer in his bathroom, can hear women's thoughts, profits. Ok, maybe not so classic, but this movie has a couple of great pitches in it from Helen Hunt's character. The clip above gives Nike's "Just Do It" a run for it's money--no pun intended. 

7. Art & Copy


Okay, we had to sneak one more documentary in here before we wrapped up. This one features marketing giants throughout the years who brought you iconic B2C campaigns such as "I Love NY," "Where's the Beef?," and the aforementioned "Just Do It." 

8. Glengarry Glen Ross


We know this one is technically about sales, but we're all about bridging the gap between marketing and sales here at LEVY and couldn't leave off this absolute classic film. Just send the kids out of the room before you hit play. David Mamet isn't exactly known for his PG ratings.


What did we miss? Let us know your favorite marketing movies, TV shows or books below. We have a lot of binge time to fill this summer. 


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