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Bridging B2B Market & Sales Requires New Ways

Levy Industrial supports your mission to grow faster, enter new markets and launch new products or services. It enables us to think strategically to lay a solid foundation, focus sharply with the best tools and processes available, and act quickly to deliver results.

To eliminate the disconnect between marketing (creating awareness) and sales (generating leads & turning prospects into customers), it’s necessary to make Marketing Automation (MA) the focus of your promotional strategies. Learn more by downloading our easy-to-read white paper and brochure, which contain diagrams and other illustrations that should help you see how you can get more bang for your marketing bucks.

MA software, connected to your website, is the “glue” that bonds together multiple campaigns -- concentrated efforts that align all of your marketing activities around a single offer, such as download a white paper or brochure, or receiving a discount by purchasing a product, solution or service by a specific date. As the diagram shows, everything revolves within and around your website. In fact, you may want to make some of your web pages, such as blogs and news, part of your MA platform for better usability and tracking, so you can see who’s interested in what you’re offering. By using this model, it’s possible to generate $9 or more in top-line growth for every dollar invested – an ROI rarely achieved using traditional marketing tools.

why-Bridging the Gap

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