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Bridging the Gap Between B2B Marketing & Sales is a 6-Step Process

Bridging the gap between B2B marketing and sales requires a methodical approach to defining markets and target audiences, giving prospects the tools and content they need to educate themselves, measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities in real time and course-correcting as necessary.

Traditionally, marketing has been a process that’s largely creative and intuitive. There’s still plenty of room for compelling visual images and persuasive text, but the increased availability of software that quantifies market conditions and customer behavior has infused marketing with much-needed data on which to base strategies and tactics.  To dig deeper into this topic of critical importance, click below to download our white paper and brochure.

The process that helps you get the most value for your marketing dollars consists of: 1. Market Mapping – Defining a clear path for growth; 2. Goal Setting & Research – Setting goals based on real-world information; 3. Marketing Plan – Developing a scope of, and schedule for, marketing & sales activities; 4. Marketing Automation – Garnering & nurturing touch points for reaching target audiences; 5. Content Generation – Establishing & growing social media engagement on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; and 6. Measure & Adjust – Allowing for monitoring and evaluation of results.

By using this approach, you’re likely to experience an increase in the number of qualified leads, which could put additional stress on your sales team and others in your company. That’s not a bad thing, but you need to address it before launching your campaign.

why-Bridging the Gap

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