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Measuring Web Traffic 101

Simple tips to improve web traffic, drive leads and generate sales.

As a manufacturer, measuring web Traffic Helps You Manage Website Development & Maintenance

Because it’s possible to measure just about everything related to traffic on your website, you, as a manufacturer, can use web analytics to collect and analyze these pieces of data:

  • Number of Unique Users – Unique visitors refers to the number of distinct individuals requesting pages from the website during a given period, regardless of how often they visit. Visits refer to the number of times a site is visited, no matter how many visitors make up those visits.
  • Number of Sessions – Instances when Unique Users visited your site
  • Session Durations – How long Unique Users stayed on your site
  • Pages Per Session – Number of pages, and which ones, a Unique User visited
  • Conversion Rate – Percentage of Unique Users who responded to your call to action, such as completing a Contact form, taking a survey or requesting a promotional item, such as a technical document or an ad specialty product.

By attaching Google Analytics, or other complimentary or cost-effective monitoring tools to the “back end” of your site, you can mine a treasure trove of information to help you:

  • Modify Site Content
  • Develop Marketing Campaigns That Resonate with People You’re Trying to Persuade
  • Promote Your Products or Services in Face-to-Face Meetings

Because we all have time constraints, as well as limits to our expertise in an increasingly complex and fragmented marketing environment, it’s often advisable to obtain guidance from specialists who can help you interpret the data your website is producing, as well as collaborate with you to determine “next steps.”

How are you using data from your website? What, or what more, would you like to know about the people visiting your site?

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