What Is ROMI?

ROMI or Return on Marketing Investment: contribution to profit attributable to marketing(net marketing spending) divided by the marketing dollars invested

How Does It Drive Top-Line Growth?

A 3-Step Methodology

ROMI or Return on Marketing Investment is the contribution to profit attributable to marketing (net of marketing spending), divided by the marketing dollars invested. Quite simply, ROMI is the cash flow you’ve generated for every dollar spent on marketing.

By integrating the power of marketing, creativity and technology, LEVY helps our clients drive growth and bottom-line results. Whether you’re the CMO of a corporation or an owner of a family-owned business, LEVY is fully committed to helping you optimize your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

Marketing expenditures represent a significant line item, and making them count to help clients meet their sales and profit objectives is one of our primary responsibilities. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve worked with companies in more than 90 different industries, creating more than 500 websites and hundreds of other digital and traditional marketing tools.

We are using, and recommend that our clients use, a methodical approach to:
  1. Define markets and target audiences to ensure that every sales and marketing activity is focused on reaching and converting strategic buyers.
  2. Give prospects the tools and content they need to educate themselves. Research indicates that over 67% of the buyer’s decision is made before placing a call.
  3. Measure in real-time, the effectiveness of discrete activities and course-correct immediately, if necessary.

This streamlined, pragmatic approach provides you with >9x ROMI, or $9 or more in top-line growth for every dollar invested in marketing.

Healthy Returns Come with Experience

Tell us about your marketing challenges, and we’ll give you ideas on how to meet them.

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