How to Operate During a Crisis: Tips & Resources for Businesses

We've cultivated the most helpful resources we've found over the past few weeks and wanted to share them with you. Use them to make your marketing count.

Because Marketing Must Go On, here are some tips and resources related to leadership, communications and operations that we've found useful over the past few weeks.

They touch on and prioritize some of the core values we hold at LEVY and that we've used to guide our decisions during this challenging time: stability, quality, value and efficiency. By focusing on these values as we seek answers, we've found it easier to identify what solutions work best for us and our customers. 

We hope that they will help you to make your business thrive and make your marketing count.

Leadership Through Tough Times

Marketing & Communications to Maintain Progress

Important Marketing Tools to #MakeYourMarketingCount

Remote Work Tools, Tips & Tricks - Tested by LEVY, Our Partners and Other Professionals

We hope that these tips and resources are helpful for you as you transition into the new normal for your business, whatever that may look like for you. Please comment below with any resources we may have missed--and please share with your colleagues or network if you found one of the resources above helpful.


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