To see what kind of marketing activities you need to generate to achieve your revenue goals, use our Marketing Calculator.

The Marketing Calculator can help you:

  • Get better value for your marketing investment
  • Create realistic plans & the budgets to support them
  • Attract & retain loyal customers
  • Increase accountability among team members
  • Automate routine functions so you and your team can focus on adding more value to your customers' businesses
  • Work fewer hours and make more money


What are your sales goals for Marketing activities this year?



The huge number of impressions is typical at first.  The next question is how do we get to our goals with less?  This is where our "Make YOUR Marketing Count" motto makes sense.

At LEVY, we offer a high-powered blend of digital and traditional B2B inbound & outbound marketing services. Our innovative approach helps you nurture qualified leads, create brand awareness, close bigger deals, generate more revenue and measure success.

How can we help you make your marketing count?

By working closely with you to strategize, create, execute and automate. Specifically, we help you:

  • Clarify your business objectives
  • Support your marketing goals with pinpointed discovery & research
  • Identify & quantify new markets to help you gain a competitive advantage
  • Explain WHY anyone should do business with you
  • Define WHAT you and your customers will accomplish together
  • Describe HOW you'll keep customers engaged over the long term
  • Produce campaigns that produce outstanding ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment)
  • Implement marketing plans that sharpen the focus of your promotional activities and bridge the gap between marketing & sales
  • Use HubSpot and other software platforms to improve the success of your marketing campaigns

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