We offer various a la carte services in digital marketing, creative marketing, and much more.

We collaborate with you and can customize our solutions to meet your exact needs.

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How are you different from your competition?  How are these value propositions communicated?  With brand positioning, we will keep your communication consistent and unique across all channels.

With a 1 day session with our team, we can help develop your positioning with the following plus more:

  • Mission/vision/values statements
  • Brand positioning statements
  • Persona development
  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Business cards
  • Email signatures

In sessions with top-level leaders on your team, we’ll ask the tough questions to get to the bottom of these essential questions to define the essence of your brand, where it fits into the larger market landscape and where we need it to be to drive success.

Set your go-to-market strategy based on what differentiators make you unique and create the most demand.

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Do you know who to focus your marketing on?  What are the touchpoints of your customer base?  Let us help you put this focus into use!

Using your company's data, we plan 2 full days and 2 hour-long sessions for reviewing outcomes and recommendations.  With market mapping, we compare and contrast multiple end markets, products, channels, and geographies to narrow it down to the top 3-5 for your sales and marketing focus, and which markets to eliminate as well.  This saves time from extensive and time-consuming market research.

Get directional answers for your marketing and sales plan in days or weeks, not months or years.

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Are you charging enough for what you sell? Where do you stack up against competitors? How much value do you create for your customers?

Looking at competitors’ offerings and price structures and your true differentiators, we will help you find the pricing sweet spot that will win you the customers best suited for your business and open up your growth (and profit) potential.

In sessions with top-level leaders on your team, we’ll ask the tough questions to get to the bottom of these essential questions to define the essence of your brand, where it fits into the larger market landscape and where we need it to be to drive success.

Find the right price-point to position yourself and your customers for success.

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Are customers not able to visit your facility?  Do customers want a virtual tour before they visit?  Show them who you are with our 360 tour service!

We will capture a 360 rendering of your facility to include:

  • Filming of a specified area
  • Interactive map development/tagging
  • Google Street View integration
  • High level floor plan
  • Website embedment
  • Traveling, shipping, and handling to the facility

For the best 360 tour, contact us to arrange the tour or view the example below!

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Does your story need to be told in a longer form?  Do you have a topic that you're extremely passionate about?  With our blogging capabilities, we can create a story for your company based on topics chosen by you.

We can accomplish this in a shorter form monthly (750-1,500 words) or in a longer form per quarter (1,750-2,500 words).  We want to be able to get your story across to your customer base and beyond your base.

Do you have a topic in mind for us?  Meet with our team so we can share your story!

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Your customer list is a vital part of your business. Through our partnership with HubSpot, we provide CRM services that help you routinely maintain and clean your customer and prospect lists along with:

  • Connecting CRM to your website to analyze tactics over time.
  • Organizing and segmenting your list by persona for new campaign goals and inbound marketing activities.
  • Implementing lead scoring based on personas, job titles, and activities of ideal prospects.
  • Creating basic and advanced nurturing workflows for new contacts to convert to marketing qualified leads or further based on activity.
  • Acquiring new contacts monthly.

Establish your customer base and get started with us so we can help you gain more effective and qualified leads!

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Do you want to advertise efficiently?  Is your message not reaching the correct base? 

We offer 3 different advertising packages, all including keyword development, placement, creative assets, management, and monthly reporting for search engine marketing campaigns with text ads for up to four keyword groups.

We also offer social media advertising with targeting geographies, demographics, and interest areas, and site targeting campaigns with up to 2 display and mobile ad groups based on targeted geographies, demographics, and interest areas.

Inquire about our packages today!

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Does your site require a customer to buy products?  Do you offer simplicity and convenience when they buy a product? We can help you build a simple e-Commerce site to help customers navigate your products. 

We fully build and manage your store with your full product portfolio!

Contact us to learn more today!

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Is your customer and prospect base set?  How do you spread the word about the latest happenings at your company?

With email marketing, you can reach many prospects and clients at once! We can help you write, design, and send newsletters and targeted emails each month for specific target audiences.

Content includes:

  • Monthly eNewsletter for all customers/prospects
  • Monthly Targeted Mailer to focus on niche market segments and personas

Speak with our team to learn more about how you can generate new leads through email!

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Is the image of your brand getting stale?  Would a refresh of your image help?  We can provide that with our logo design service!

We help design a modern logo design to help fit the branding standards of your company.

After a discovery session, we will provide the logo in PDF, JPG, EPS, and PNG formats so you can see the logo from all perspectives.

Let us help you refresh your image!

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Do you have material that is newsworthy to be spread to an even larger base? Do you have an accomplishment to celebrate?  Do you have important company changes?  We can help by writing a press release!

We will write, design, and distribute a press release for a larger base to spread the good word about your company!

Let us craft your messaging today!

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Are the photos on your website outdated?  Has your staff changed?  These are two of many options that can be completed with our photography services.  We use premier photography equipment to capture the following plus more:

  • Facility photos
  • Staff photos
  • Event photos

We capture and retouch photos as needed to help capture your image.  To view our scope on photography, meet with our team today!

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Do you want to get your message out to clients with print advertising?  We have you covered!

With our print advertising services, we help create ads for almost all trade publications.  In addition, we advertise with many types of sizes, placements, issues, and colors, and also offer design services as well.

Spread the word loud and clear by contacting our team!

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We have plenty of print options to choose from.  Our team has experience with a vast array of print materials that fit your needs.

Learn more about our print options today!

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Do you need better tools to sell your products?  Is your product portfolio too diverse to cover in one page?  We can help by designing well branded, clear, and compelling sales literature!

Our sales literature designs include:

  • 4 and 12 pg. Brochures
  • 1 and 2 sided Flyers
  • Product Specification Sheets

We can also reskin or completely revamp your literature to fit within your distribution channels and work with printers to ensure quality from the reviewing stage to the publishing stage.

A library of assets makes a huge difference in engagement and conversion.

Speak with our team today!

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How often do you use search engines to find what you’re looking for? How long do you wait to find what you need? Our SEO services help you rank at the top of search engines.

We can optimize your current website or a new build for SEO. We ensure you are able to rank well in Google search for the keywords that matter most to your business. We do this with a full range of services, including:

  • Identification of existing keyword rankings and comparison against goal keywords determined in a workshop with us.
  • Alignment of website copy and meta-tags to new goal keywords.
  • Specific monthly SEO reporting to track the progress of keywords in search rankings.
  • Assessment of the website technological build for SEO-readiness (mobile responsiveness, tags, descriptions) and make recommendations for improvements.

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Do you want to organically reach a wide customer base?  Do you want to share content regularly in a digestible way?  We can help with our social media services!

We can share content on a variety of social services, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We can post anywhere from 1-3 times a week on desired platforms.

Learn more about how we can help today!

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Do you want to promote your product at a trade show?  We can help with trade show promotion. To make sure you maximize the opportunities for connecting with prospective customers at those events, we offer a full range of services, including:

  • Planning and booking your booth space at the best shows for your business
  • Design and sourcing graphics, displays, furniture, pull-ups... including video
  • Managing and shipping promotional materials to the show’s location & back
  • Updating your website with a "come see us" icon, adding events to social media channels, and delivering targeted emails to promote the event
  • Organizing special events (briefing breakfasts, receptions)
  • Creating sales literature & ads (digital & print)
  • Managing trade media PR
  • And more

Simply contact one of us to get started!

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Does your story need to be told with video or audio or both?  Do you want your customer base to see the bigger picture of who you are as a company?  Look no further than our video services!

Our video services come in three packages: Starter, Upgrade, and Concierge.

The starter pack includes creating a 2-3 minute corporate video, social media video, and 5 service-oriented videos with the following:
  • Scripting
  • Filming
  • Editing and graphics
  • Final rendering
  • Publishing to YouTube with SEO-conscious descriptions, tagging, and placement
  • Creation of branded YouTube channel (if needed)
 The Video Upgrade Pack adds:
  • Updated YouTube branding
  • Full SEO audit of your YouTube page

The Concierge Pack combines both packages.

Learn more about our video services with our team!

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Is your website out of date?  Does it need a refresh or redesign?  Look no further for help with your website!

Your website is the most crucial asset in gaining leads for your business. Therefore, it must be up to date and performing at its best. With many services such as redesigning, refreshing, hosting, and SSL certificate installation, your website will always be at its best in order for you to grow.

With redesigning and refreshing, we help with this by updating the look and feel of your site to include:

  • Logos
  • Headers/Footers
  • Copy
  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Color Scheme
  • New sections, layout, and navigation structure

Learn more by contacting our team today!

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Does your team have the collateral they need to close? Are you speaking the same language as the lead that just hit your desk? Do you address each step on your future customer’s decision-making journey?

Analyzing the stakeholders, validation points and roadblocks involved in sale, we’ll develop the right tools for your team to hit the streets, the shop floor and the boardroom. Elevator pitches, sales decks, playbooks, templates and more will arm your team for any decision-maker that comes their way.

Put your value proposition front-and-center and get out in front of objections to help your team close the deal.

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Do you have a few big accounts in mind that would be a perfect fit for your company? Not sure how to reach them and make an impact with all the noise and short attention spans out there?

With a strategic approach to business-to-business sales, we’ll help you map out your target accounts, identify the crucial stakeholders and craft bespoke messaging and approaches to lock in high-level pitches for major deals.

Treat your big fish as a market of one and reel in a partnership that will impact both of your bottom lines, not just a one-off sale.

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Not sure where your leads go once they hit the sales team? Unsure how to track customers back to where they found you? Want to make your marketing count by tracking the return on your marketing investment (ROMI)?

We will work with you to create live, automated, dynamic connections between your marketing, sales, service and CRM systems so that you can see meaningful and actionable information about your entire business at a glance. By getting an in-depth look under the hood of your existing systems and recommending the best fits to fill in the gaps and connections, we create a seamless and totally connected ecosystem for your business.

Track and calibrate your activities, prospects and sales to see what truly matters to you: converting leads to customers.

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Got a great team that needs some alignment and direction to make them superstars? Need to grow your bench to convert all your new leads?

We partner with VelocityHUB Pittsburgh to train and grow sales teams to reach their maximum potential. Tailored to fit the needs that will help you reach your goals, we coach from theory to process to practice.

Align and grow your team for success based on their current strengths and skills.

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